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> The militant arm was formed by Aureliane Rioghail, the first Star Principal Herald, as a joke,
> when she warranted Duke Jonathan De Laufyson and Duke Lloyd von Eaker (both competent heralds)
> as the militant arm of the College of Heralds.  It eventually grew into a more-or-less unoffical
> honor given to a very few heralds who are also well-known fighters.  I believe the first one
> given entirely seriously was when Tadhg made me a member and gave me the right to (try to)
> register the title "Rapier Herald".  Off the top of my head, I can remember:
> Duke Jonathan
> Duke Lloyd
> Don Robin
> Duchess Rowan
> Sir Mahdi
> Sir Kief
> The first time Mahdi was king, he made Ansteorra the envy of heralds across the Known World.  He
> was visiting a herald's meeting when he saw a particularly ugly shield.  He pointed to it,
> called it bad armory, and called for his militant arm to do something about it.  As he left,
> heralds from other kingdoms were in awe, saying, "Wow!  Your King cares about good heraldry."
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
I knew about Mahadi and Rowan, didn't know the older ones, or Kief.  
I guess by virtue of the fact that the College of Scribes is within the College of Heralds, then
Rowan would be considered a 'Militant Herald', but I thought she and Mahadi were considered
'Militant Scribes', since they fought and did scribal arts (paint charters, calligraphy award
names on charters).  

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