[ANSTHRLD] Militant Heralds

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Tue Mar 7 11:00:47 PST 2006

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> Subject: [ANSTHRLD] Militant Heralds
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> I knew about Mahadi and Rowan, didn't know the older ones, or Kief.  
> I guess by virtue of the fact that the College of Scribes is within the College of Heralds, then
> Rowan would be considered a 'Militant Herald', but I thought she and Mahadi were considered
> 'Militant Scribes', since they fought and did scribal arts (paint charters, calligraphy award
> names on charters).  
> Hillary
Saw Kathri last night and she remembered the occasions, and told us, where Rowan and Mahadi were
designated 'Militant Herald's, an honorarium to be conferred by Star Principal Herald.  
I really thing 'Militant Heralds' should be granted a 'Hurt'(a rounded azure), for the black and
blue bruises they gain. :->

I'll have to check with some of my scribal folks to see if they recall if there are any 'Militant

Oh, and Crandall - 'Scribes is Heralds' in Ansteorra, but not in all kingdoms, I believe.
(will confirm that). 
Cheers, Hillary

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