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Mon Mar 20 05:47:20 PST 2006

It was fabulous!  I was on the field of battle with His Majesty as he wielded the gold trumpets. 
Before the second attack I overheard Him say, "Let's go (get/kill) some bad heraldry."  As a
herald, heavy fighter, and bard, it provided me with a great moment of inspiration to compose a
bardic piece.  Now that I'm home from war, I shall begin working on a few new pieces, including
that one. :)


--- Stefen & Rhonda  Hays <housedragonstar at earthlink.net> wrote:

> And there are more stories to tell...
> This year, HRM was properly armed on the field of battle.  He was weilding a couple of trumpet
> shaped maces, made just for him.
> The heralds at Heralds' Pointe all groaned when the maces showed up, but once they picked them
> up and realized that the pair of maces were battle ready and weighted quite nicely due to the
> amount of foam needed to make the bell, their groans changed to "hey, these are nice."
> I was at the Pointe and did not get pics, but maybe some will show up on the web.
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