[ANSTHRLD] chain mail in armory

Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 21 19:02:41 PST 2006

I think that the chain maille is going to be a problem
due to drawing it in a way that it will be
recognisible as chain maille "across the field". The
big dipper representation may also fall in that
catagory too.  Also, the device seem to me to be a tad
"busy". (Anvil, maille, hammer. and 7 stars) There is
also the charge on a charge thing - the maille on the

Just my 2 coppers.


--- Hedwig von Luneborg <lochherald at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a gentle who would like this on his device:
> Sable an anvil argent supporting chain mail Or and a
> hammer proper (silver
> head wooden handle) with the big dipper in dexter
> cheif argent
> (I know this description isn't heraldicly
> correct...)
> basically he wants an anvil with some 4 on 1 chain
> mail laying across it and
> propped up on the corner the hammer with the head up
> he also wants 7 mullets with 5 points in the shape
> of the big dipper to the
> Dexter chief (close to that corner but not in it).
> Now, I know this is not going to work exactly as
> is...but I want to know if
> the chain mail is OK in and of its self and if it is
> can it be a metal on a
> metal anvil?  I found three registered devices in
> the O&A with chain mail
> but they are all pre-1990...
> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
> Thank you for reading my ramblings...I'm off to be a
> mundane mom and make
> dinner,
> --
> "zum Traum" (to The Dream),
> Frau Hedwig von Luneborg
> Serpentine Pursuivant, Loch Soilleir
> Ehre und Aufgabe
> (honor & duty)
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