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If I may offer a slightly disputative alternative to HE Robin's analysis:
Wikipedia is still a source -- for tertiary / guiding / preliminary 
material, with an expectation and "logical requirement" to not be the *only* 
citation used.  Individual articles at a fixed point in time may indeed 
prove to be fabulously useful in a given research, just as the same article 
at a second point can be demonstrated as a complete fiction due to later 
"helpful" revisions. To the extent that they lead us to previously unknown 
and more readily provable resources, Wikipedia articles can be "priceless".

As a monolithic source, say no to Wikipedia.  As a potentially useful 
collection of sources yet-to-be-proved, I will hold that there is worth in 
even a false map, if we can but determine the manner in which it was made to 
be false.  (Paraphrase from a source I just can't directly remember at this 
instant:  know a man's truth, and you know only half the man; know a man's 
lies, and he reveals himself completely.)

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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> Once you think it through, it becomes clear why Wikipedia cannot be used 
> as a source.
> That's because it isn't a source.  It's millions of sources, some 
> competent and some not competent, gathered together with no clear, 
> consistent rules or editing.
> You can use a source if it's been proven to be consistently correct. 
> Wikipedia isn't a single source, and has proven *not* to be consistently 
> correct.
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