[ANSTHRLD] Conflict check, get your darts out!

Schalles, Francis T francis.schalles at ttuhsc.edu
Fri Sep 8 11:24:42 PDT 2006

Greetings great and wellborn gentles!




I have re-re-focused and I am trying to clear up my back log.



Checky (Chequy) gules and sable, an elephant rampant argent.


Checkerboard field of red and black, a white elephant (facing dexter)
standing upright on two feet, with one foot lifted and the front feet
raised as if charging.



I did not find a field of gules and sable in the OandA with a elephant.
1 CD


I did find this which I believe gives a conflict. Expounding of wisdom
and suggestions please. I could render the elephant to the sinister
which might clear the conflict.


What say you?


*	Simona dell'Amore

	*	The following device associated with this name was
registered in August of 2004 (via Atlantia)
2=August&kQ=checked> :
		Sable, an elephant rampant argent.



Lord Francois de Lyon (aka Troye)

Western Cross Pursuivant

Barony of Bonwicke. 


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