[ANSTHRLD] Ansteorran Heraldic Symposium proceedings

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Thu Sep 14 10:23:06 PDT 2006

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> Tressure here.
> I'm starting to put some articles from earlier proceedings on line and 
> hopefully they will be showing up soon. (My slowness and not anyone elses.)
> What I'd like from the College are two things.
> First if you have any listing of any of the Ansteorran Heraldic Symposium 
> proceedings - year it was held and what classes were taught.
> Any class that you have taught that you would not mind having the handout 
> or article posted on the web for other people to use in teaching a class.
> Thanks a million.
> Clare

Were you wanting copies of the class schedule/descriptions?  
I may have some of those in digital form (Excel spreadsheets) from over the years.   

As for one year Westgate held it, back in 1999, I think, I may have a hardcopy of the proceedings
we did then.   You will have to get the author's permissions to print online, the chronicler's
permission form (online) should work for that.  

Cheers, Hillary

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