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The link above shows what has been registered in Ansteorra....I don't think it's been updated in quite some time though.
As far as conflicting with other kingdoms...the only rules for conflict that I have seen are noted on the Ansteorran Achievements page: http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/achievements.php.
Reserved or Restricted Items 
A lion argent or a lion ermine may only be used as a supporter by the Kingdom of Ansteorra, or Lions of Ansteorra. 
A sable crane supporter is reserved entirely to the Kingdom of Ansteorra. 
Mantling including a semy of mullets of five greater and five lesser points is reserved to past crowns of Ansteorra. 
Mantling consisting of any tincture with a semy of roses is reserved to members of the Order of the Rose. 
A banner hung on a spear, banner pole etc consisting of the kingdom ensign followed by the badge or symbol of a greater office shall be reserved to current and past Greater Officers of State (Goofs). 
Any crest, supporters, or mantling that would be considered presumptuous of another SCA kingdom will be registered only with consultation/consent of the principal herald of the kingdom in question ie mantling consisting of purpure semy of crosses of Calatrava Or would be presumtous as claiming royal lineage from Calontir, a sable lion as a supporter would be registerable as a supporter however a sable lion crowned gules would be presumptuous as claiming royal lineage of An Tir. Oh, and don't even think about azure semy fleur-des-lyes as mantling -- it is still France. 
Your best bet for a conflict check would probably be to mail the proposed achievement to Stellar Scroll Pursuivant, who can run a more thorough check.

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So how does one go about conflict checking the achievements for one's
barony?  Since it can't conflict with other baronies and kingdoms and the
only list of registered items is inner kingdom is there another link or web
page etc.  one can utilize to get this done.


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