[ANSTHRLD] A name submission quandry

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Thu Sep 21 09:42:04 PDT 2006

Luciana writes:
> I have a client whose name has been submitted and has been recently
> forwarded to Laurel for approval. This client has apparently 
> started having
> second thoughts and approached me last night to ask me about 
> changing her
> first name from what was submitted.
> My question is this - can submissions be pulled from the submissions
> process, even when they have been sent to Laurel, even if the 
> reason for the
> removal is that the submittor has changed their mind and 
> wants to submit
> something else?

Yes. This is called "withdrawing". At any point in the submissions process,
all the way up until the actual decision meeting by Wreath/Pelican, an item
can be withdrawn at the request of the submitter (or, really, by Star or
Bordure too, for that matter). 

If she chooses to do this, have her send me and Asterisk both an email
requesting the name be withdrawn, and I'll get it listed on the next LoI to
go up to Laurel.

-Emma Bordure

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