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Tue Sep 26 11:42:59 PDT 2006

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Couple of quick things.

The listing of the awards on the email lists is great, but does _not_
replace a signed court report, which I am sure Luciana will be handing
in soon if she has not already.

I think that it is a great idea and certainly does much to encourage
people to go to court and go to events.  Attendance at events is a
good thing and being at court is a good thing.

On the noting down of the colorist or painters name for publication,
well, I am not all in favor of that.  We do well just to get down the
names of the award holders, adding that would be asking for someone to
get left out and that is not a good thing.

Plus, there are plenty of times when charters get turned in and they,
well, how shall I put this...have to age properly (like some of the
fabric I have) before they get given out.  If there are 50 Falcons
sitting in the pile and 3 get awarded, 47 people didn't get their work
given out.  I have seen some of my work given out up to a year or more
after I turned it in and I am thinking that that might be a fast
turnaround for some of the awards we have that are less frequently
given away.

What I would like to encourage is that when you get an award, make the
effort to personally contact the person who did it.  Email addresses
are not that hard to come by and I am willing to bet that a regional
scribe would have contact info.  A personal thank you from the award
holder is the best thanks that I have ever received for my time and


On 9/26/06, nweders at mail.utexas.edu <nweders at mail.utexas.edu> wrote:
> >
> >Full scrolls.
>         that was just me being clear what you were saying.
> >Clare, it has been my experience in Ansteorra that most charters were
> >being recognized for the colorist --
>         It still is.
> >Full "one-of-a-kind" scrolls do deserve better recognition -- and care
> >-- than they sometimes receive...
>         Agreed.
> Clare
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