[ANSTHRLD] Announcing Event Court Awards

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 27 09:47:01 PDT 2006

A few comments in agreement with Star....between and below
> Star here...
>  Couple of quick things.
> The listing of the awards on the email lists is great, but does _not_
> replace a signed court report, which I am sure Luciana will be handing
> in soon if she has not already.

Agreed, I was definately not advocating a replacement for the court report.  I'm advocating the
publicity of 'wordfame' to recognize those who received awards, to the Ansteorran list, not just
the Heralds list, and I should have been more specific.   Also, the online publicity should not
replace the Zodiacus report of awards in the Black Star.  Tho an online list will give wordfame to
the kingdom for those who received awards 'faster' than the time-delay for a published kingdom

> On the noting down of the colorist or painters name for publication,
> well, I am not all in favor of that.  We do well just to get down the
> names of the award holders, adding that would be asking for someone to
> get left out and that is not a good thing.
Agreed - I don't think it's necessary to list the names of all the contributers to a specific
charter award scroll in e-posting or court reports/publications - just too much trivia and we
don't need to spend time on that.  The Crown recognizes the scribes who painted the charters in
court when possible, when their names are penciled in on the back, and that's great and enough. 

Now if your branches scribes guild did some special - such as painted all the award charters for
your event, specifically, your Scribes Guild Principal may wish to give wordfame locally or on
kingdom, with a lump list of scribes who contributed.   If a bunch of original scrolls were
created, the Scribes Guild Principal may also want to give wordfame for those scribes that did the
work; though the name does not have to be attached to the specific scroll - just a general listing
is great. 

> What I would like to encourage is that when you get an award, make the
> effort to personally contact the person who did it.  Email addresses
> are not that hard to come by and I am willing to bet that a regional
> scribe would have contact info.  A personal thank you from the award
> holder is the best thanks that I have ever received for my time and
> effort.
> Druinne
> Star
On the last point about thanking your scribe - huge AGREED!! Very few scribes ever get contacted
or thanked for the work they contribute, even if it's an original scroll for a prize or
championship.  To take it a step further, if it's an original scroll, and the recipient presents a
small token of thanks to the scribe for the scroll - that will seriously make the scribes day!

Cheers, Hillary

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