[ANSTHRLD] Name Conflict Question - X-Posted

kobrien at texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Wed Dec 5 15:22:39 PST 2007

> The name is different enough as far as I am concerned, conflict with
> me.  Tell me what I need to do to make this happen.
> Elizabeth Blackthorne

A letter of permission to conflict with your signature will need to be 
included in the submitter's name submission (one copy for each copy of the 
name submission - just like documentation).

Hmmm... There is not a standard letter of permission to conflict either in 
the current admin handbook or in the new standard letters in the 01/2007 
cover letter (http://www.sca.org/heraldry/loar/2007/01/07-01cl.html).

So I guess I'll write one and see if we can get some version of it into the 
standard letters of permission to conflict.

Folks here, since this is potentially a new standard letter, can you look it 
over and check it for typos, etc.?  Thanks!

Here you go:


- Letter of Permission to Conflict (Name)

I, [Legal name], known in the SCA as [Society name], give [Legal name of 
submitter], known in the SCA as [Society name of submitter], permission to 
register a name that looks and sounds similar to, but is not identical to, my 
registered name [Society Name]. I understand that this permission cannot be 
withdrawn once [Legal name of submitter]'s name is registered.

[Date] [Signature of [Legal Name]]


You'll want to get the submitter's info (including the desired spelling for 
her society name).

Since an actual signature is required, a simple email won't do.  Either you 
can sign a letter and mail it or scan it and email the scanned copy (which 
will have a signature).


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