[ANSTHRLD] Medieval soldier names database

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 10 05:13:24 PST 2007

> Any name heralds: can you comment on whether any names have been
> normalized?  Clearly at least some have not: I did a search for first
> name R* and see Roderygo Roydez next to Rodrigo Alferrers, and Rem'
> Lamport, and both Rees and Rhys.

The best way to see a sample of names is to search by entering a specific year.

The surnames produced by that appear to have original spelling retained.

I also did first name searches with odd spellings of common names from Withycombe for that century and they show up unaltered.

This small test concludes the names are not normalized.  I would send the site to St Gabriel's for further review.


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