[ANSTHRLD] The SCA Armorial And Regular Expressions

Britt tierna.britt at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 23:27:01 PST 2007

The short answer is that some regexp searching might be useful, but
others would result in incomplete checks, so the old-fashioned version
of conflict checking for names that dates back to paper O&A copies is
still the best route.  Not being a programmer I don't know what your
search would have found spelling-wise, but there are variants on names
that deal with criteria other than spelling necessary for thorough
conflict checking.

So your article would be a useful tool, definitely.  And I believe you
should pursue it.  As another version of using the Armorial for
conflict checking, an adjunct to the usual methods.

This has been one of my typical 'there is no One True Way' comments. :)

- Teceangl

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