[ANSTHRLD] Heralds Tabard Guidelines

Tressure Herald tressure.herald at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 12:22:47 PST 2007

Shortly after having started the conversation about tabards my computer
decided it needed to die and it took me till now to resolve the problems. I
would like to thank everyone who participated in the discussion. Below I
have consolidated comments made both Master Robin and Master Daniel so that
I can make sure that it is correct reguarding the proper design and usage of
the group heralds tabard. If anything needs to be added or corrected please
speak up.


The arms can be worn only by the ruling nobles or the herald when acting as
the herald -- never by the seneschal.  (Yes, a shire has ruling nobles --
they are the King and the Queen.)  The seneschal is the legal representative
of the branch, not its voice.  A seneschal wearing the arms of the branch is
like a lawyer pretending to be his client.  It can
also be displayed at a shire event or encampment in a central location that
indicates the branch, rather than any individual members of it.

The correct herald's tabard is the actual arms of the branch, unchanged.  A
herald should wear the arms of the branch when he is acting in an official
heraldic capacity for the branch.  That may be while doing voice heraldry
for the branch, but it might be for a trumpeter, or for those who "process
with the other heralds on ceremonial occasions". It's an SCA custom (though
not period) that tabards might also bear the crossed-trumpets badge front,
back, and both sleeves -- they can be useful as "generics".

Literally, to wear quartered arms of the territorial noble and the heralds'
badge is to say that you are the rightful heir and current holder of all
lands, titles, ranks, privilages, etc. (or herald of the rightful heir and
current holder) of those lands and the College of Arms itself.  As if your
baron had married the Laurel Queen of Arms and the barony and the College of
Arms were inherited by you.  They are, by their very meaning, a legal
affront to the Laws of Arms.

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