[ANSTHRLD] OT: Outsider looking for Heraldic Consultant

Alasdair MacEogan alasdair at bmhanson.net
Mon Dec 31 11:27:16 PST 2007

Steve Scott (Dietrich) <dietrich.strobelbart at yahoo.com> wrote:
>  I have been approached by someone outside of the SCA who is looking for a consultant to design a coat of arms for his family.  This is NOT an SCA device.  This is a chance to do something fancy!  ;-)  He is willing to pay a reasonable fee.

Under what particular heraldic authority have they had a Coat of Arms granted?  They do realize that there is no such thing as a family coat of arms, right?  Arms are granted to an individual and then passed own through the family line to heirs, but not the family as a whole.  I thought (but could be wrong) that generally the person would normally work with the college they are registering with on their arms.  


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