[ANSTHRLD] conflit question

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Wed May 2 08:42:58 PDT 2007

Hedwig wrote:
> (filedless) a bear's head cabossed/caboshed argent
> would that conflit with:
> (filedless) a bear's head cabossed/caboshed purpure
> Or does it have 2 CDs? 

It's clear, with one CD for the so-called "fieldless bribe" (RfS X.4.a.iii),
and one CD for change of tincture of the bear's head (RfS X.4.d).

> Also, if a person is granted permission to conflict their device with
> someone else's device do you then need to get another letter 
> of permission for a badge?

Depends on how the original letter of permission was worded. For example, in
a blanket letter of permission to conflict, it covers all possible
conflicts, not just a specific one (or two, or whatever).

> I.E. Ursula Messerschmitt
>    - The following device associated with this name was 
> registered in May of 1998 (via Caid):
>    *Vert, a bear's head cabossed argent.*
> granted Gunthar Waldmann permission to conflict :
> Ber bend sinsiter vert and sable and bear's head cabossed argent
> So does he then need another letter from her to try and register his
> proposed badge:
> (fieldless) a bear's head cabossed argent

If memory serves, she used the "standard" letter of permission text, which
indeed only grants permission for one specific blazon to conflict. So yes,
he'll need to get another letter from her.


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