[ANSTHRLD] blazon and conflict check

Britt tierna.britt at gmail.com
Wed May 2 14:03:42 PDT 2007

> >> (fieldless) In saltire 5 bees Or

(Fieldless) Five bees palewise conjoined in saltire Or.

They touch at the legs and the tips of the wings, which I think is
going to qualify for return as 'barely conjoined', actually.  It just
doesn't look particularly solid.  were it three, I'd not raise this
concern, but with the five there's a certain ... flimsiness, I suppose
I'd quantify this as, that makes me wonder if it's going to make it as
a fieldless motif.
And no, I can't come up with a better way to conjoin five animate
charges on a fieldless badge and make them more acceptable.
Non-period style is awkward because if it weren't, it'd probably not
be so blatantly non-period style. :)

That said, I found no conflicts.

- Teceangl

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