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On Fri, 4 May 2007, doug bell <magnus77840 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> My personal favorite is the art deco toilet bowl under Allisoun's
> precedents.
> Magnus

Magnus!  Yay!  I hope you're well.

For the list: the whole precedent is at

     Jean d'Eaux. Name and device. Argent, on a tombstone, a
     fountain. There is no doubt that the name conflicts by sound with
     that of the famous (period) legal entity John Doe (note NR15 "A
     personal name conflicts with another name if it looks or sounds
     enough like the other name to cause confusion" [italics ours]). In
     sound the two are identical. Additionally, as many of the
     commentors pointed out, this will be considered by far too many as
     a bad example of offensive "toilet humour" (literally!), given the
     general Society euphemism of "Shrines of Saint John of the
     Waters". Even taken at face value, the device creates some
     problems. Crescent has provided some convincing evidence that the
     sort of tombstone used here, presumably for maximum
     identifiability to modern eyes, is post-period. Also, were the
     fountain to be drawn properly (on the emblazon it is a plate
     charged with three barrulets wavy azure), it would not appear at
     all round since the azure tends to fade into the sable. Finally,
     although the submittor may not really have intended the effect of
     a drawing of a modern (very Art Deco modern in black!) toilet seen
     from above, this is the picture that a majority of the populace
     will see, particularly when placed in context with the
     name. Leaving aside the issue of whether this is offensive, it is
     disruptive to the medieval atmosphere by its very modernity.

Denyel de Linccolne
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