[ANSTHRLD] OT but still heraldry

Faelan Caimbeul faelancaimbeul at gmail.com
Mon May 7 05:49:20 PDT 2007

First of all, two schools named after the same person? That's going to be
confusing . . .

Second, I see from what McKinney has used already, the tree seems to be a
running theme. I'd suggest including that somehow in the arms and maybe
expounding on it like leaves, acorns and such. I can't really tell what kind
of tree it's supposed to be. It just looks like a generic tree to me. Any

Also, the Texas penchant for stars is apparent as well. It's almost a
requirement like the gyronny of Campbell arms.

It's nice that they already have a motto, that's one less thing you have to
work on. Applying the symbolism of the motto to the arms would be nice. Is
there a commonly accepted charge that means "quality" or "unique"?


On 5/7/07, HL Chiara Francesca <vscribe at ansteorra.org> wrote:
> McKinney Texas, they do not have a flag, they have a logo, colors, and a
> motto:
> http://ps.webstorepackage.com/hotc/McKinney/images/Mckinney-Logo-Locker.jpg
> .
> The School district has a logo, official colors, and motto:
> http://www.mckinneyisd.net/MISDLogoHres_flat_CMYK%20web%20jpg.jpg
> The founder is Colin McKinney. The county is Colin, the city is McKinney.
> http://www.tsha.utexas.edu/handbook/online/articles/MM/fmc73.html
> http://www.co.collin.tx.us/ The county page has a logo that is basically
> the
> texas flag in a roundel with a split on the line where the red and white
> meet and text inserted. They display however the Seal of Texas.
> I have waiting to hear from the city Historian and librarian. The school
> does not have a historian per say. They have old employees that I can talk
> to though. :)
> The best story so far is that the newest high school that just opened this
> year is named after the same person that the first high school was named
> for.
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> >> the system, it is a k-12 public school district.  I have been
> >> researching the name of the city founder
> >
> > I guess it's school district == city?  Which school district / city?
> > Do they have a flag or city logo?  Something painted on the
> > watertowers?
> >
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