[ANSTHRLD] OT but still heraldry

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Well, don't count on finding anything.  The odds of the founder of a Texas 
town with an American (Scottish) name having heraldry are so low as to be 
worthless.  Texas was "originally"* settled by people who had no land, 
position or money.  (Note that this is *not* true of the East coast.)

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

* Yeah, yeah, I know.  The land was populated for ten thousand years before 
the Americans came, but you know what I mean.

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> The first high school is no longer around. Thus the easy by which they 
> came
> to using the name again for the new high school.
> Yes, a tree and a star are good, but what I really want is to find 
> something
> for the founder himself. I will research more today and see if I can get a
> hold of the historians via phone, email bounced back this morning for one 
> of
> them. I would rather use his heraldry if he has any.
> Chiara 

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