[ANSTHRLD] baronial service awards

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I have seen this situation twice. Both times the individuals were given the
award before their elevations to Baron and Baroness. They were allowed to
keep the service award upon stepping down. It was stated to me that by the
tine the B&B step down they have earned this award.


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My understanding is that the B&B's are the Principals
just like the King and Queen are Principals of all the
Kingdom Orders and Peerages.  Being the Principal does
not confer the award, just as being the Principal for
Laurels does not make the King and Queen a Laurel.

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--- Alden Drake <alden_drake at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Looking at the OP, I noticed that when people step
> up as landed B&Bs,
> they become the Principals for that barony's service
> award.  If they
> hadn't received the award prior to that, does that
> award come with the
> barony-in-fief elevation, or does the Crown bestow
> it separately?  And
> after they step down, does the service award remain
> with the person?  I
> haven't really seen anything anywhere on the
> protocol for this.  I would
> think that since it's an award, it would have to be
> read into law in
> court, so it would be a separate item.  Can anyone
> share some
> history/information on this?
> Thanks,
> Alden
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