[ANSTHRLD] baronial service awards

Wendel Bordelon rwbordelon at gmail.com
Wed May 9 15:08:53 PDT 2007

> > Francois wrote:
> >                                      ...  Wouldn't it be nice if the OP could collect
> > registration status from the HST?  It has been considered... there are
> > future plans...  not there yet.

On 5/9/07, Jennifer Smith <jds at randomgang.com> replied:
> The HST is great for tracking submissions data from about 1992 onwards,
> primarily with in-kingdom stuff (ie, Name Try #1 failed at kingdom, but Name
> Try #2 went up to Laurel, but most people still know them as Name #1...).
> But again, the 'definitive' information should come out of the OandA.

Actually, the Letters of Acceptances and Returns from Laurel Sovereign
of Arms is the definitive information source.   But I was thinking
since the HST has the status of the submission that the OP could piggy
back.   Since what is in the OP is really just the status of name
registration and armory registration.

A larger issue what if the person has multiple names registered?


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