[ANSTHRLD] Registered Names

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 15:39:51 PDT 2007

Daniel stated:
>I gather from the above that the OP stores registered name and armory
>info.  That should not be done, because it will become out of date
>almost immediately (propagating bad info) and it's duplication of effort.

For those new, the little check boxes next to a persons name are:
'D' (check) and 'N' (check)  for device and name.  
It's been on all printed order of precidence forms since I began in the SCA - also some 20 years
ago.  Ansteorra may have adopted the practice from our parent kingdom Atenveldt.  Some kingdoms
will not present AoA scrolls till you have your arms passed; you get the AoA in court, then go
consult with the Heralds for arms, then you can request your AoA scroll, which in some kingdoms
include your blazon and enblazon on it.  

When I was Sable Scroll, lo these many years ago, it was often customary (there we go again - it
ain't written down) to review the OP before putting names on paper.  If the award recipient had an
AoA or above, on the OP we could find and review their name information, and confirm they didn't
already have the award requested by the Crown. (Some Crowns/Entourage do this themselves, some

If the OP name listed had the 'N' (name) box checked, the name was registered, which meant the OP
had been updated by Zodiacus Herald to reflect the registered name.  The registered OP name could
be different from the spelling format of the name given to Sable Scroll from the Crown (who
usually got their name spellings from Award Recs) so when in doubt the name used was the one in
the OP as it had been registered.  On occasion, if in doubt, I'd even go look back at my hardcopy
of the Ordinaries (name registry) from Laurel office.  Last option was to check the BlackStar if
the candidate was an officer. 

Now with everything online, the Sable Scroll can look up the OP, look up the Ordinary from the
Laurel office, check the branch doomsday (if online), check the Ansteorran and branch webpages -
so many more options for name spelling confirmation - online is much easier and faster.  (And
sometimes the best name we ever get to put on the scroll still turns out to be spelled wrong! - Go

Zodiacus Herald updates the device/name registrations based on the Laurel Letter of Registries and
Returns received monthly. 

Cheers, Hillary

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