[ANSTHRLD] OP keep name reg? Device Reg? info ( was Re: baronial service awards)

Wendel Bordelon rwbordelon at gmail.com
Wed May 9 16:21:19 PDT 2007

Alasdair wrote:
> I have wondered for a while at the utility of these flags in the OP.  I certainly don't use them.  The question, to me, is whether it provides enough value in its current form.  If not then is there a reason to remove them from the database so that there is no longer a maintenance problem.

Good question...

I would love to have the information easily available and being able
to do a simple name search to find it is a good way,  The rub is who
maintains the information.

The majority of records don't change,  with few exceptions, once a
name and device are registered they stay registered.  So it is only
the new ones that have to be updated and usually some time after they
have an award.

Other thoughts?  What do you think?  (yeah you!)

> How many other kingdoms keep this info with their OP?  I spot checked a few and I only found one that did. (Atlantia i believe).  That is not sto say there are not more, as I said i only looked at about 5.

You got me thinking, because I remembered many kingdom op pages having
that information.   After a quick survey over most of the kingdoms I
find it a mixed bag.  About half keep at least if the name is
registered.  Some go as far as to include an image of the registered
armory and one, (An Tir) even has a "wiki" like for people so that you
have a "who's who" encyclopaedia.


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