[ANSTHRLD] baronial service awards

Robert Wade logiosophia at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 16:56:29 PDT 2007

I have found the Y/N flags useful on a local level, particularly in two instances:
  (1) As a one-stop source when making award recs.  Official spelling verification is a useful thing when looking up what/when previous awards have been given.  [Yes mistakes can occur, but it should be up to the both the branch herald and the recipient to review the OP periodically.  Our branch herald had found several entries with out of date information.  Zodiacus shouldn't have to try and figure out recently registered names which are siginificantly different from the names recorded in the OP]
  (2) When members move into the branch.  Again, a one-stop source to see if the O&A needs to be consulted when revising the branch OP.

  Yes, there are other excellent resources on the web.  Not everyone has a computer, the skill to use it, and the knowledge of where to look.  I for one am still learning (what is the HST, by the way?).  I also don't have a notebook, but have heard moans from those who do about lack of wireless access at many Event sites.
  The question will probably boil down to bang for bucks. 
  Kimberly Langhans <sarapenrose at yahoo.com> wrote:
  I'm a little curious myself as to whether anyone finds the Y/N flags useful. I rather suspect they are in the OP because, well, they've always been there. At one point, the OP may have been the most reliable source for this information, so it made sense to include it.

However, we've now reached a place where there are easily accessible, more accurate, more complete sources for name and device registration information elsewhere (online LoARs, the HST, the O&A).

I'd be happy to maintain the Y/N widgets in the OP, in spite of the maintenance hassle, if I thought they were serving a unique purpose. I'm not sure that's the case, though. It seems like an unnecessary repetition of effort, especially considering all the other excellent online sources we have.

In the future, if we could link the OP with the HST or some other source, that would be pretty nifty, but in the meantime, does it make more sense to remove them? If we're worried about non-heralds being able to find the information, it would be easy enough to add some educational text to the Zodiacus page and a link to the O&A. Why not make people aware of the O&A? It's cool!



Alasdair MacEogan wrote:
Alden Drake wrote:
> It doesn't keep the information. It just includes a Y/N indicator for
> whether or not people have their name and/or device registered. I've
> never found that information particularly useful. If I want to know if
> someone has a name/device registered, I check the online O&A.

I have wondered for a while at the utility of these flags in the OP. I certainly don't use them. The question, to me, is whether it provides enough value in its current form. If not then is there a reason to remove them from the database so that there is no longer a maintenance problem.

How many other kingdoms keep this info with their OP? I spot checked a few and I only found one that did. (Atlantia i believe). That is not sto say there are not more, as I said i only looked at about 5.

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