[ANSTHRLD] some comments on the April ILOI

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Bordure sez:

Please do. Either fully affronty, or fully close to dexter. I'd have to dig
up precedents to be sure, but this should not be a conflict with Gwilym,
with one CD for the field and one for not being displayed but instead in the
default posture (or at least close to it...).

>From the tenure of Francois:

	The owl was blazoned as affronty on the Letter of Intent but the
overall posture of the owl is mostly a side view, with only the head facing
forward. This close guardant posture is the default for an owl and need not
be blazoned.

	Please advise the submitter to make some changes to the artwork. The
submitter should be careful to draw the owl's body entirely in profile,
rather than having the chest portion tilted slightly towards the viewer. An
owl in a truly three-quarter view (also known as "trian aspect") would have
had to be returned for a nonperiod heraldic posture. [Alfgeirr skytja,
03/03, A-Calontir] 

Send redraws to Asterisk, and she'll forward my copies along to me.


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> doug bell <magnus77840 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >  13) Robin of Gilwell. (Steppes)
> >     [Badge] This is a really nice badge.  Unfortunately, 
> the owl is drawn in
> >  trian aspect and it conflicts with Gwilym ab Eifion April 1988:
> >  "Counter-ermine, an owl displayed guardant ermine."
> Hmm. Guess that will teach me to us the Pennsic Traceable Art 
> for putting together someone's submission.  If I have to redo 
> it i will.
> Alasdair
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