[ANSTHRLD] can this be done?

Britt tierna.britt at gmail.com
Fri May 11 22:02:15 PDT 2007

> Here is a link to a proposed blazon.  I am thinking it is fine but I wanted
> other's eyes and opinions.  I've also tried to conflict check it and so far
> I've come up with nothing...anyone willing to double check my work?

That's the emblazon.  Here's the blazon:

Gules, a goblet surmounted by a dagger fesswise, all within a bordure Or.

My blazon differs from Robin's. Doesn't matter, both are valid and
Laurel will work out the most accurate version for registration.  It
could as easily be:

Gules, in cross a goblet and a dagger fesswise within a bordure Or.

By the subject line I expect you're asking if the design is
stylistically legal?  It is - an overall charge may match the
underlying charge so long as identifiability is maintained, and here
it certainly is.

As for conflict, with an overall charge this doesn't qualify for X.2.
so you have to check both central charge types - Cup and Sword.  I
did, and found no conflicts.

- Teceangl

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