[ANSTHRLD] Pop quiz!

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Sat May 12 17:28:53 PDT 2007

Radei replied to me:

>> > So, how *does* one blazon the device in the upper
>> > right of this page?:

>> One returns it for redrawing due to unrecognizability.

> So Christopher Colombus who had this registered 400+ years ago,
> was wrong?  His Herald, the Herald to HRH Ferdinan didn't know
> what he was doing? I think you should look at more historic reality.

Don't be absurd; that's not what I said.  I did not make reference to either 
Ferdinand or Columbus, neither of whom drew the picture being shown, nor 
about .  I said that the drawing would be returned for redrawing, due to 
unrecognizability, not because the thing it portrays was unregisterable.  I 
stand by it  It is not recognizable by the average herald, which means that 
it should be drawn more precisely on the form.

That's a statement about the requirements for submissions forms of our 
heraldic office, not about what arms would pass either in 1400s Spain or in 
AS 41 SCA.

I could produce a drawing of "Gules, three lions statant gardant in fess Or" 
that would be returned for redrawing.  That doesn't mean I think there's 
anything wrong with the arms of England.  Note that "returned for redrawing" 
implies that it might pass if it were drawn well.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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