[ANSTHRLD] Pop quiz!

Diane Rudin serena1570 at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 22:55:49 PDT 2007

Well, I'm not Sara, but I might know something about this.  :b

This French bastarde script is close enough to my beloved English
chancery that I was able to puzzle out much of the page.  I don't
read French very well, but the names alone were enough evidence that
this page doesn't describe the shields she originally posted.  

This page describes the arms borne ("porte", the fifth word of each
paragraph) by (in order) le Duc de Myllan, le Duc de Farare, le
Marquy[se] de Manthona [or Mauthona], le Marquy[se] de Sene, and le
pr[?]en[c?s?]e de Vrange[se].  The last one I'm quite iffy about; the
rest I'm quite sure about.  

These names don't match up with the names labelling the shields she
posted, on which the handwriting is MUCH worse, but still clear
enough to tell they're not the same names at all.

Unless the French were doing something REALLY weird, in which case,
you're on your own.


--- Tomas Niallagain <siortomas at gmail.com> wrote:

> Sara, can you translate the text that is on another page linked to
> that one.
>   I believe the blazon you would like is the second paragraph.
> Unfortunately I dont know french and can hardly read the hand the
> text is
> written in.
> Tomas

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