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> Sara, can you translate the text that is on another page linked to that one.
> http://www.digitale-sammlungen.de/~db/bsb00001649/images/index.html?seite=6
>   I believe the blazon you would like is the second paragraph.
> Unfortunately I dont know french and can hardly read the hand the text is
> written in.
> Tomas

You could contact the library/university directly and ask them about the image/text
you are specifically interested in.  Also, if you know what the official book/manuscript is
called, it's possible someone has done some study on it in the scholarly papers found via Google
Scholar, tho you may need a university password access to download papers/thesis on some of the
systems on Google Scholar. The site often displays a few pages for you to confirm the document of
interest.  There are enough SCA'ers with university access that can pull down any papers of
Good luck, Hillary 

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