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Tue May 15 11:36:35 PDT 2007

> Hmmmm...and one cannot fimbriate a rayonny ordinary,can one?

Actually, while you're waiting for your PicDic to arrive... <grins at Daniel>

There are some nice online references that Laurel has put out that you
should be using.
http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/welcome.html is the URL that leads
you to the answers you seek. The pertinent links are in the left

Attached to the Glossary of Terms are Tables of Reserved and
Restricted charges, default proper coloration, and default posture.
Find on Table 4 that a phoenix defaults to displayed and rising from

The RfS section VIII.3. outlines the basic rule on voiding and
fimbriation (quick-find it by text searching the document), which says
no, you cannot fimbriate a chief: "Voiding and fimbriation may only be
used with simple geometric charges placed in the center of the

Laurel precedents, also linked in the left column, hold specific
answers to questions. Start with the most recent (including drafts)
and work back. You only need to get to Francois' precedents to get a
more specific answer:

Chiefs may not be fimbriated. Voiding and fimbriation may only be used
with simple geometric charges placed in the center of the design, by
RfS VIII.3. [Gerard du Quartier, 11/01, R-Ansteorra]

And Alden points out an important thing - checking something
stylistically illegal is silly.  Start with RfS section VII., never X.
Also, down under Educational Articles (left column again) are some
resources. Not far down the Education page find the article 'Argent
Snail's Armory Insta-Boing Checklist'.  This is short enough to print
out and keep at hand and is an excellent thing to run every proposal
through before going further.

And finally, thank you for asking. :)  Isn't the root of college the
same as colleagues?  We work together, learn together, and the sum is
greater than the parts.

- Teceangl

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