[ANSTHRLD] status of device

Hedwig von Luneborg obeliskherald at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 06:15:09 PDT 2007

Just a note from the new Obelisk:
 I'd like to remind everyone that starting with my tenure the Gazette is now
strictly electronic unless I am contacted by someone who just REALLY wants
to pay for a subscription for a hard copy each month.  This has been done
because the AG is available online at the Ansteorran Heralds' web site and
can be either downloaded or gone through on line.  ALSO, the LoAR is not
always available to me when I am putting the AG together and getting it
uploaded to Sigillarius, so if you don't find what you need in the AG, look
at the LoAR archives:  there is a link to that on the web site as well.  Our
web page has tons of helpful information, it is your friend...abuse it!
   Having just stepped out of the local herald's position I think it is
important to note that all local heralds should be backing up Arbalast
Herald.  Part of what you do each month needs to be finding out about your
submitters progress.  We are in the middle of transitioning the Arbalast
office.   Had I not been keeping up with my submitters some of them might
never have known where in the process their submissions were.
So, be proactive and vigilant.
 If I can ever be of any help please email me...I'm most willing to at least
find someone who knows!

Hedwig, Obelisk

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