[ANSTHRLD] Copies of forms

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Wed Sep 12 09:24:12 PDT 2007

Daniel wrote:
> http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/ is wonky at the moment, so I can't
> check there.  (<editorial>Paper copies of the AG don't suddenly go
> wonky.</editorial>)

Define 'wonky'.  Paper copies of the new submission forms don't go wonky,
and now have on the bottom of the 'documentation' section distribution

> How many copies of forms?  As best I remember
>      Armory: 6 colored + 4 outline, with the submitter keeping 1+1,
>              local keeping 1+1, Asterisk getting 4+2?
>      Name: 5 copies, submitter keeps 1, local keeps 1, 
> Asterisk gets 3?

Correct. Name form says "Form distribution: three copies to Asterisk..., one
copy to local, and one copy to the submitter." Device and badge forms both
say "Distribution: four color and two line art copies to Asterisk..., one
color and one line art copy to local, and one color and one line art copy to
the submitter."

> Is that right?  (And for each copy of a form, one copy of the
> associated documentation.)


> $9 now, $8 starting when again?

I'll let someone more authoritative (or keeping copies of email better) than
I to answer this. I want to say Oct, but...

> (What does Asterisk do with two copies of everything?)

Asterisk is a mailing house all her own. :)

One copy of everything goes into the kingdom files. One copy of everything
goes on to Bordure (not the line art, but two copies of colored armory, to
go along to Laurel), and one copy of everything goes to Arbalest (for


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