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On 9/13/07, Kathleen O'Brien <kobrien at texas.net> wrote:
> It's worth noting that, if you are cleaning up the "Groups" file
> cabinet(s)
> and matching up files, we have at least one case where, over time, there
> have been two groups in one mundane location and the second group is _not_
> linked to the first.  In that case, the defunct name (Bisons Run) was
> released and the new group registered a new name (though, at this late
> hour, I can't recall for certain which current group is in that mundane
> location - someone else on the list may recall).
> Anyway, I remember being in a discussion that kingdom had confirmed with
> the new group that the two groups were not related and should not be
> linked.
> Mari

    In Bartlesville OK.  We had the incipient shire of 'Bison's Run' which
disbanded, when a canton was later formed there they chose the name of
'Chemin Noir'.
    In McAlester OK.   We had 'Gryphin's Roost', which later changed it's
name to Rundell, and was later disbanded.
    Long long ago, 'Northkeep' was 'Nord As Das Strom'.

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