[ANSTHRLD] historical group list for Ansteorra

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Thu Sep 13 07:37:47 PDT 2007

>If anyone has additions or corrections they'd like to make, just shout
>and I'll update the master copy.

Here's a few modern locations -- and yet another case of two names one
physical location.



Mooneschadowe, Shire of
	We are now a Province!
	[Stillwater, OK]
	[was Mona Sceaduw, reg. Jan 1981, rel. Jun 1984 (via Ansteorra)]
	reg. Jun. 1984 (via Ansteorra)

Skorragar{dh}r, Canton of
	[Shawnee, OK]		
	reg. Dec. 2004 (via Ansteorra)



Morrow's Keep, Shire of		
	[Ada, OK]
	reg. Jun. 1984 (via Ansteorra)
	rel. Feb. 2005 (via Ansteorra)

Rivers Run, Canton of
	[Ponca City, OK]
	reg. Jul. 2003 (via Ansteorra)

Thri Mylenas, Shire of		
	[Shawnee, OK]
	reg. Nov. 1989 (via Ansteorra)
	rel. Feb. 2005 (via Ansteorra)

Wastelands, Shire of			
	[Enid, OK]
	reg. Nov. 1993 (via Ansteorra)

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