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"Gyronny of ten vert and ermine", with an artist's note to the
submitter on how to properly draw gyronny.  July 2005 LoAR:

    **** From Wreath: Gyronny Arrondi ****

    The question was raised this month on what is the appropriate way
    to draw gyronny arrondi. Since at least 1992 precedent has
    required gyronny to be symmetric around the horizontal line:

         Gyronny of ten is symmetric around the horizontal line, not
         the vertical line. (Iestyn ap Cadfael ap Ianto ap Danno ap
         Richard ap Owen ap Rhys o'r Cwm, September, 1992, pg. 33)

    A more recent precedent states:

         Gyronny should always be drawn with one of its constituent
         lines fesswise. With straight lines, one can blazon a field
         like this one as per pale and per saltire, but this is not
         possible when the lines are arrondy. ...
         [Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson, 02/03, R-East]

    Given this information, gyronny arrondi may be drawn so that the
    corners of the shield are in the center of a gyron rather than
    having the line of division issue from the corner. This emblazon
    of gyronny arrondi has no heraldic difference from the standard
    gyronny arrondi or from gyronny. The use of a central charge on a
    field drawn in this manner is one step from period practice.

October 2004 LoAR:

  Samuel of Yorkshire. Device. Gyronny gules and argent, eight
  roundels counterchanged.

      This conflicts with the naval ensign of Japan: Gyronny of
      thirty-two gules and argent, a torteau. There is one CD for the
      number of roundels. There is no difference for the number of
      divisions of a gyronny field, ...

RfS X.1 clears it from anything with a primary charge, and strewn
charges (n.b. ermined is not semy) are primary if nothing else can

Field-primary, per RfS X.4.a.ii, so by .a (Substantial Change of
Partition) it's clear of
    [non-gyronny field division] vert and ermine.
By .b (Complete Change of Tincture) it's clear of gyronny that uses
neither vert nor ermine, and "The ermine furs and their variants are
considered to be different tinctures", which helps.

The main rule has "There is a clear difference for reversing the
tinctures of a field evenly divided into two parts, per saltire, or
quarterly, but not for reversing the tinctures of a field divided in
any other way", so swapping vert and ermine, or either of them,
doesn't give a CD.

So it conflicts with
    Gyronny [of N] [arrondi] vert and *.
    Gyronny [of N] [arrondi] * and vert.
    Gyronny [of N] [arrondi] * and ermine.
    Gyronny [of N] [arrondi] ermine and *.

Ariella of Thornbury|0001H|d|Gyronny Or and vert, a chief vairy argent
and sable.  1 CD for removing the chief, 1 CD for changing half the

Cwenhild of Cydllan Downs|9907Q|d|Gyronny raguly of four issuant from
dexter chief ermine and vert.  Ow.  There was nothing in commentary of
the time to say how to conflict-check it.  "(c) Other Field-Primary
Armory - In any case, independent changes to the tincture, direction
of partition lines, style of partition lines, or number of pieces in
the partition may be counted separately when comparing two pieces of
field-primary armory."  No CD by precedent above for number in this
case.  Certainly 1 CD for removing the raguly (style of partition
lines).  The direction (from dexter chief) is a separate change, and I
suspect it's the second CD.

Frithiof Sigvardsson Skägge|9609D|d|Gyronny argent and vert, an orle
sable.  1 CD for half the field, 1 CD for removing the orle.

Marguerite Lofftus|8706C|d|Per bend sinister sable and gyronny from
the line of division Or and vert.  Ow.  1 CD for removing a line of
division.  1 CD for changing Or to ermine?  I'm not sure about this
one either.

Seychelles|9911L|b|Gyronny from dexter base azure, Or, gules, argent
and vert.  Clear if Cwenhild is.

Áedán mac Bheathain|0209O|d|Gyronny wavy ermine and azure.  1 CD for
removing wavy.  1 CD for changing half the field.

So it's probably clear, but I'd ask on SCA Heralds' about Cwenhild,
Marguerite, and Seychelles just to be sure.

Denyel Lincoln
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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