[ANSTHRLD] photo copies or not

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at texas.net
Mon Sep 24 19:27:14 PDT 2007

>> OK...I was under the impression that articles from St Gabe's no longer
>> required photo copies...likewise the information that was gotten from the
>> SCA Heraldry pages.  Am I wrong?

>Anything from www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel is on the no-photocopy list 
>(see Appendix H of the Admin Handbook) at
>Any other source, no matter the media, needs the appropriate copies sent.
>What has been stated by previous (and the current) Sovereigns is that 
>Saint Gabriel reports themselves are acceptable as documentation - if 
>they quote other sources you don't have to provide that source _as well_.

I know that anything with a URL beginning www.sca.org is No Photocopy since
it is effectively part of the Laurel library.

I believe there was discussion of removing the requirement for anything
with a url beginning www.s-gabriel.org but I don't know if that has gone
into effect or not.  I just know there was discussion of it.  If there has
been an announcement in an LoAR cover letter that no photocopies are
required for items at www.s-gabriel.org, then you can stop providing
photocopies for those.  If no such announcement has been made, then you
still need to provide those photocopies.  Any such announcement would have
appeared in the last 6 weeks or so since the discussion was at Pennsic.

Note that there are a number of articles linked in the Medieval Names
Archive that are not on the Gabriel site.  If there has been a cover letter
announcement removing the requirement of photocopies from
www.s-gabriel.org, note that this allowance will NOT apply to articles
linked in the MNA that are based at other locations (i.e. their URLs don't
begin www.s-gabriel.org).


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