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Very nice! Very modern.

1) The black star at the top is not consistent with the marvelous beauty of
the rest of the image. 
2) The lion looks more to have a serpent's body as opposed to the strong,
imposing, robust lion that we know and love. :)
3) I have to agree with Emma on the heraldic commentary. And just an aside,
I know that you have your moniker on there to mark it as your work but you
are using Emma's shield art down to the pixel. You may want to alter the art
or the mark a bit. 
4) That is not our heraldic Crown, way too ... hmm .. buttery and Chiffon.
5) LOVE the crane. :) She looks like she is happy. :)
6) LOVE the mantling!

Please remember that you will still need to have a simpler one downloadable
so that the general populace that wants to make needle arts or fabric arts
with the image can still work with it.

Good Work. :)

HE Chiara Francesca
Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra

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> > But... Naw, no buts about it. Just a curiousity: the
> > pierced-metal cheek
> > of the helmet is a cross and four billets.  _Not_ _this_
> > _time_, but for
> > future renditions should this perhaps reflect the five&five of the
> > Ansteorran Star?  (Or is this "artistic detail" not specified in the
> > blazonry of the full achievement...)
> >
> > Amra / Kihe / Mike
> Purely artistic. The registered achievement specifies only a "barrel
> Helm Or
> with a cross flory visor" (and yes, Garreth knows that means the whole
> helm
> needs to be gold. That's a mistake I've made myself...)
> -Emma
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