[ANSTHRLD] arms - your thoughts

Childers, Jeff Jeff.Childers at ttuhsc.edu
Tue Aug 19 12:39:32 PDT 2008

Zodiacus - ill see what I can do about the motto. 

Mike - it was purely a artistic thing. And my 5 children would argue
that I very little free time... of course argue is the operative word

Estrill - well it was originally red. I am a artist not a herald, at
least not in the past 17 years, But I was sacrificing visuals for more
heraldically correct piece.

Emma - "barrel Helm Or with a cross flory visor" you guys go ahead and
talk above me Ill sit here and scratch for a while. Seriously I have no
idea what a "flory visor" or "crowns types" are. I just did one that was
cool. I am always uncertain if I am dexter and sinister cheeks
environing my head. Lol. Chiara agrees with me :P I win!

Also Emma help me on this piece.... more than she can appreciate

The Star - I can make the supporters as big as the shield made them
smaller to lessen their visual weight. I will lessen the shadow effects
everything has a shadow to lend a more 3d look. the crown.... That all
Emma not me :)

1) The black star at the top is not consistent with the marvelous beauty
of the rest of the image. 
Not quite sure what you mean... :( 

....And a revision toward mine--> emma's feather not mine.

3) I have to agree with Emma on the heraldic commentary. And just an
aside, I know that you have your moniker on there to mark it as your
work but you are using Emma's shield art down to the pixel. You may want
to alter the art or the mark a bit. 
Yes I did and I told her that we had to figure out how we would do this.

4) That is not our heraldic Crown, way too ... hmm .. buttery and
Well you flew by me at mach speed I don't know what you mean. Color? Or
something else.

Please remember that you will still need to have a simpler one
downloadable so that the general populace that wants to make needle arts
or fabric arts with the image can still work with it.

Emma said she uses a creative commons license on her stuff.... I pretty
much took her thing and did some stylization on it.... kinda. I can't
speak for her and her work but I think she is willing to share. If this
will not work I'll have to re-create it. 72 dpi isn't very printer

Thanks for the comments thus far.

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