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Yeppers, the Imperial Margarine crown, that is what I was talking about. :D

Come on now, you and I were what ... 4 or 5 when those commercials came out?

The black star: The edge is not as smooth as the mantling from the inside.
The black star at the top looks like it is recessed while the rest looks
pronounced. The light comes from behind instead of on top and down.

But I still like your original version. :)

HE Chiara Francesca
Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra

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> >>4) That is not our heraldic Crown, way too ... hmm .. buttery and
> Chiffon.
> >Well you flew by me at mach speed I don't know what you mean. Color?
> Or something else.
> I feel so old sometimes.............
> http://everything2.com/e2node/Imperial%2520Margarine%2520crown
> I think that might explain it...............
> Estrill
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