[ANSTHRLD] achievement registration

Star Principal Herald starph at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 06:06:25 PDT 2008

Wendel Bordelon wrote:
> The registration of an achievement just because considerably harder.
> IF a depiction of the achievement is now required then the
> registration form needs to be updated.
Stellar Scroll should be updating the registration form.  Unlike armory 
submissions, we're registering the text of the achievement, not the 
rendering of it, however, we decided that it is beneficial to have some 
form of attached image (even stick figure) to help clarify the 
achievement for checking conflicts and to make sure the text that is 
submitted is actually what the submitter wants.  For example, the 
registered supporters of Stargate are (dexter) "elephant salient 
contourny proper trumpeting and barded" and (sinister) "horse rampant Or 
barded".  The question that recently came up: "How are the bardings 
colored?"  There was no picture drawn at the time and it wasn't registered.

Also, I think we need to look at how we use "contourny" to describe 
supporters.  Stargate uses it for its dexter supporter because the 
elephant faces to sinsiter, where an elephant's default as a charge on a 
shield would be facing dexter.  One option is to have the default facing 
for supporters should be to face the shield, which would mean a 
supporter that is contourny would be facing away from the shield.  The 
other option would be to have the default facing be kept as if it were a 
charge (whereby this would mean most dexter supporters facing the shield 
would be contourny).  In this case, Raven's Fort's dexter supporter, 
"bull rampant gules" would need to be revised to "bull rampant contourny 


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