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On Fri, 22 Aug 2008, Darin Herndon <darin.herndon at chk.com> wrote:
> Differing crowns from coronets is a matter of correctness and
> precision.

If I were to hand you the most ancient crown of the Middle Kingdom,
you couldn't tell me whether it was for a king, a duke, a count, or a

> The differentiation of crowns from coronets is not a heraldic
> conflict issue but a sumptuary issue.  The relevant differences are
> contained in kingdom laws rather than the RfS.

The law that begins (UPPERCASING mine)

    Article IX : CORONET Sumptuary Laws

    CROWNS or CORONETS bearing 1 or more Ansteorran Stars (a mullet of
    5 lesser and 5 greater points) are restricted to the Crown, the
    Heirs, former Crowns of Ansteorra, and former territorial barons
    and baronesses of Ansteorra as set forth below.

    Section 1 : Royal CROWNS

        A. CORONETS bearing a Queen's Rose (a rose sable charged with
           a rose or, thereon a mullet of five greater and five lesser
           points sable) are restricted to the Queen.

Danihel de Lindo Colonia
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