[ANSTHRLD] AG Feb/Mar '08

Alasdair MacEogan alasdair at bmhanson.net
Fri Aug 29 13:25:49 PDT 2008

kevinkeary at aol.com wrote:
>  Thank you all. I'd just finally found the decision, LoI reprinted in
>  our AG 11/07, and thought I'd have to type it out by hand to send to
>  Fiontan.  But Alasdair's version I can cut and paste, and thus risk no
>  typos.

One thing to remember (a reminder for all) that while the Gazette is the "official" publication of the CoH, There are standalone versions of all the documents out there.  So if you have a name and are trying to look for a reason for return, etc it is often easier to go directly to those.  Especially if you have the dates of the letters (as in this instance).  Remember the HST is your friend. :-)

In this case the HST said it was returned in the 07-2007 LoAR.  And as the College or ARMS site maintains electronic copies of all their decisions, you can just go directly there.


The HST was especially handy in this case as there is a hyperlink under the name going directly to the LoAR in question.

Alasdair "Work smarter, not harder" MacEogan

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