[ANSTHRLD] AG Feb/Mar '08

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at texas.net
Fri Aug 29 23:02:25 PDT 2008

>Silly people and their silly moving around between groups.
>What gets entered into the HST is what's on the 'group' line on the
>submission form, as reported in the ILoI. I only rarely go back and
>retroactively change the group on someone's old entries to match their
>current group. So in cases where someone moves and submits and moves and
>submits, best to look 'em up under their name, not under their group unless
>you LIKE looking through four or five different groups. :)

My personal favorite is still the name and device registration for <Lowrie
Leulyn>.  Her name and device were registered on the same LoAR (11/2001) -
but the name was registered via {AE}thelmearc and the device was registered
via Ansteorra.  As the LoAR explains:

"The submitter resided in Æthelmearc when she submitted her name via a
Pennsic consultation table. She moved to Ansteorra, then submitted her
device. Both are registered in this LoAR."

(Our submission processing was running a little faster than theirs at that
particular point in time...)


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