[ANSTHRLD] AG Feb/Mar '08

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at texas.net
Sun Aug 31 18:54:16 PDT 2008

>>  My personal favorite is still the name and device registration for <Lowrie
>>  Leulyn>.  Her name and device were registered on the same LoAR (11/2001) -
>>  but the name was registered via {AE}thelmearc and the device was
>>  via Ansteorra.  As the LoAR explains:
>I am just waiting for something like that to happen but with the device
getting there first.

Well, let's just say that the only reason that her name appeared on the
{AE}thelmearc LoI that it appeared on was due to some discussions I had
with {AE}thelmearc at the time.

After months and months of her name not appearing on an {AE}thelmearc LoI,
I offered up the choice of (1) the name could go out on {AE}thelmearc's LoI
for that month or (2) it would go out on Ansteorra's with her device and
{AE}thelmearc could forward us the submission fees.  Pick one of these two

It's amazing how fast paperwork flows when money gets involved...


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