[ANSTHRLD] Court reports for groups with the "No Herald" option

Zodiacus Herald zodiacus1 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 13:36:56 PST 2008

Hi all,

As you probably know, smaller groups may choose a "No Herald" option,
meaning that they are not required to have a heraldic officer. This is a big
help in small groups where maintaining a large officer corps can be
challenging, but a small consequence of this is that court reports for
groups that have selected the "No Herald" option occasionally fall through
the cracks. Regionals, please note that the Heralds' Handbook states:

*The Regional Herald, or a suitable appointed deputy(s), shall be
responsible for the heraldic well being of those groups in their region who
have chosen the 'No Herald Option'. This is to include any reasonable
request made by said groups.*
This also means that the regionals are responsible for ensuring that a court
report is completed for any events hosted by the "No Herald" groups in their
regions. This can be accomplished in any of the following ways:

- The Regional Herald can go to the event and submit a court report
personally, or delegate someone else to fill out a court report.
- If the Crown is attending the event, the Regional can verify with Golden
Staff that a court report will be submitted.
- If the Crown is not attending the event, the Regional can check with the
event steward to see who will be holding court on TRM's behalf, contact
those nobles to find out who their herald will be, and then confirm with
their herald that a court report will be submitted.

Regionals, please be proactive about knowing who your "No Herald" groups are
and when their events occur so that you can ensure a report is submitted.

All, please remember that *all* heralds should be submitting reports for
every court they attend. It would be especially helpful for everyone to make
an extra effort for events where the hosting group has chosen the "No
Herald" option.

The "No Herald" groups are:

-Dragonsfire Tor


-Brad Leah
-Chemin Noir
-Black Lake
-Tir Medoin

This note is just to provide a little clarification about the way court
reporting should happen for these groups. The vast majority of the time, I
receive prompt reports, even for groups that have no official herald. Thanks
to everyone for working so hard to make that happen!

Kind regards,
Sara Penrose
Zodiacus Herald

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