[ANSTHRLD] Baronial Coronet Question

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Take a look at Kingdom Law, Article IX: http://seneschal.ansteorra.org/forms/Jan2006_Ansteorra_Law2.pdf

Section 5 says the following, but it's worth reading over all of Article IX:
Section 5 : Baronial CoronetsA. All barons and baronesses have the right to wear one of the following as a
sign of their rank:
than ½ inch diameter extending from the top of the coronet. It is
recommended that flat-topped baronial coronets be made clearly wider
than fillets.
be surmounted by spherical projections of no more than ½ inch diameter.
The line of the coronet between points must be smoothly concave, in order
to clearly distinguish them from county coronets.
B. Territorial barons and baronesses have the exclusive right to wear baronial
coronets decorated with the arms, ensign, or badge of their barony. A laurel
wreath may only be included as part of the arms of the barony. A baronial
coronet should not have the personal insignia of the baron or baroness, since it
is not a personal coronet, but one that represents the barony.
C. Former territorial barons and baronesses of Ansteorra may display an
Ansteorran Star on their baronial coronets.
D. Court barons and baronesses have the right to wear standard baronial coronets,
as long as the decorations do not violate existing sumptuary laws.

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I have been asked what the rules are concerning the
design guidelines are for Court Baronial Coronets and
since I have no hard fast answer, I seek help in
solving this query.  Many thanks!

Herr Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen
Barony of Namron

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