[ANSTHRLD] Heraldic Round table

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 17:07:16 PST 2008

Hi everyone.

My notebook and I were apart a little longer than I planed on, so sorry this
took so long to get typed up.

These are the notes I took from the heralds round table. If anyone has any
questions, feel free to contact me and Ill answer them as best I can.

sorry in advance for all the typos.

Heraldic Round table

Held  12:30pm-1:20pm


Barony of Northkeep

Moderated by Lord Ivo Blackhawk

Five people total in attendance.

1.                  Brief conversation of need for newcomer's webpage with a
more newcomer's friendly interface and more centralized information for new
and veteran heralds.

2.                  Major concern about heralding in general was spoke on at
length by one individual.

a.       Opinion summarized as follows

                                                               i.      Heraldry
tends to vacillate between two extremes

1.      lots of paperwork, little fun

2.      little paperwork, with deputies doing the paperwork and heralds
calling courts.

3.  Presently we are in the former category (according to person making the

4.  Neither extreme  is good.

                                                             ii.      Strong
criticism for "no herald option" with smaller groups.

1.      was perceived as cutting the recruiting base for future members of
college of heralds

2.      was putting more work on regionals, and narrowing the number of
skilled heralds per capita in region.

                                                            iii.      Tendency
of local heralds presently to push paperwork and research onto individuals
rather than choosing to help.

                                                           iv.      Heraldic
classes traditionally fare poorly when put up against other-non

1.      Winterkingdom and other large collegiums events are not best venues
for teaching heraldry, especially office specific skills that will be needed
by prospective and future officers.

2.      Was noted that several people were present at the event who should
(according to parties present) have been taking heralding classes, but chose
not to in the face of other offered classes.  (make of that what you will)

3.                  Discussion was steered towards addressing the points
made, and possibley coming up with solutions to the overall problems.

a.       Heralding should be more fun.

                                                               i.     less
emphasis on administration

                                                             ii.      more
opportunities  and encouragement for voice heraldry, research and book

parties need to be encouraged to look into becoming a herald.

1.      many prospective heralds don't know what to ask, so proactive
recruiting was suggested.

2.      "Twist arms" (and I'm not entirely sure the person who said this was

                                                           iv.      Question
was asked if groups without courts could bring prospective court heralds to
Baronies for hand's on experience.

1.      was pointed out that final decision on that fell to the landed
noble, and then the local herald. The issue would have to be handled on a
case by case basis.

                                                             v.      Was
pointed out that there is little to no recruiting for book heralds, and
little effort to identify people who are potentialy good at book heraldry.

Time ran out at this point and the round table was concluded.

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