[ANSTHRLD] Call for Help

kobrien at texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Fri Feb 1 11:30:50 PST 2008

> You mean this one?
> http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/docs/AwardTextsOct2007final.pdf  It is on the
> publications page ( http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/publications.php ).  The
> fourth document under the heading College of Heralds Publications.

Yep, that's it.  The "Ansteorran Rose" is not identical on the Queen's 
Champion and Premier Bard badges and that's correct.  Yes, the submitted 
images didn't match.

> The problem is that this is a PDF and not really in a format to make it
> really usable for web graphics.  Someone has to have them though as they
> would have been needed to create the original document.

I'm not sure who created the original.  Francois may know.  Alternately, 
can't someone with a full copy of Adobe pull the images?  I seem to recall 
that there is at least one person on the list with a full copy of Adobe.  If 
not, I've got a few people I can ask.

> >  Maybe someone who is better at finding stuff on the website knows where
> >  it is.  (I can never find anything on the website...)
> Well not being able to find things means there is problem with the site. 
> If you have tiem i would like to hear your thoughts on how it should be
> organized to make it more easier to use.  At some point i want to redo the
> site and would love comments on its design and layout.

Okay.  Sounds good.  My main problem is that stuff seems not to be grouped 
where I expect it to be.  The main break is between Submissions and 
Publications areas.  It's better than it used to be, though.  I can find more 
stuff than I used to be able to!

My other problem is that I'm on dial-up at home and the graphics-intensive 
pages take so long to load (and they don't always do so correctly) that I 
basically don't use the site from home.


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